Leonardo Study 2016

HOSTS: Yes, I am one of your salonnières (salon hosts), Urban Envy.   At my salons, the point is to impress each other with an eclectic mix of fine arts, literature, music, crafts, guest speakers, food, or some or all of the above. This salon's philosophy is to "to please or to educate."

GUEST LIST: Yes, my salons have guest lists and it is often rotated to allow those who want to attend a chance.  If you want to be on the guest queue, you must be referred by a friend of Urbana Invidia, or be personally invited by one of the Salonnières.

WHERE: Pop-up venues.  Stay tuned.

HOW: A typical art salon will consist of a discussion of a chosen art topic, art critique, art sales/barter, creative projects, great food, drinks, great conversation and/or friends. Each salon is unique. 

WHAT IS A SALON:salon is a gathering of people (usually around 6 to 15 people) under the roof of an inspiring host, "either to please or to educate" ("aut delectare aut prodesse est").  Today, they are often called "Supper/Dinner Clubs," and is held to exchange ideas. 

Historically, women have been strong influence in the salon. Women were the center of the life in the salon and carried a very important role as regulators. They can select their guests and decide about the subjects of their meetings. They also had the role as mediator by directing the discussion.