1. Original paintings -- Urban Envy Originals. These are my personal work/original paintings. Some originals are for sale, but it is not available online at this time. If you see an UE original that you are interested in, please email me.

Mifune Toshiro Portrait 2016
2. Commissioned portraits -- Large size stylized portraits available in several different styles, including: Renaissance, Grand Manner, and Neoclassical. Rates for commissioned portraits vary depending on the style and size. Please email me to find out how you can commission a personal portrait.

3. Commissioned murals/large size paintings -- Wall murals can be painted directly or made into canvas or wallpaper after the initial blue print is completed. Large size paintings have the feel of a mural, yet have the convenience of framed or canvas art. Please email me with your ideas and we can come up with a rate that we can both live with.

4. Live paint -- Painting live at an event. I would normally need to have at least 30 minutes to set up, 2 hours to paint, and 30 minutes to break down. I have painted live for clubs, concerts, festivals, NYC street fairs, etc. Please email me with your ideas.

5. Events/Lessons -- Do you need a Salonniere? Do you want to host a hip art-night?  Do you want private or group lessons?  Do you need a guest instructor?  Email me with your ideas.